Winning The Lottery!

Winning the lottery, how to get cash fast.
Winning the lottery

This has become the new hopes of everyone. What would I do if I won $100,000,000. I wonder how much I would enjoy that money. What is the value of a dollar not earned?  Would I enjoy the all the luxuries as much as when I work hard to afford them?

Society has changed, it seems as though we has become focused on the destination and not the journey. Today most people think “ I want a million dollars, then I could do great things” instead of “ I am going to do great things and will make a million dollars”

We are turning out attorneys at record rates. Our society is the most litigious in history. Someone has to be held responsible for anything bad that happens. It’s a nice thought that we can rid the world of bad things, soon every hard surface will be covered in OSHA approved safety foam, all architecture will only utilize round shapes, all citizens will be outfitted with programmed electronic speech synthesizers to make sure no words are ever spoken that could hurt someone’s feelings, we will all be given the exact same income to battle low self esteem, everyone will be given their daily meals to make sure their diet is healthy. This will all be brought to you via our great court system. Our legal system has evolved from a tool to protect life, liberty and our pursuit of happiness to a lottery for lawyers to extort massive sums of money from people and businesses, because occasionally bad things happen.

Guess who wins the lottery? The lawyers!!! Who pays for the lottery? Every American who works or pay’s taxes or purchases any product.

Minnesota paid out  $3,075,000 for a death of an inmate and the family  got only $1,100,000 of the payout because their incarcerated family member died. It’s a bad thing, but how is giving them a million dollars make it not bad? Worse the lawyers won the lottery, $1,975,000 of our tax money. They produced nothing, they added nothing to society, they increased the cost to run our penal system, they skimmed off millions of dollars that could be used to better our society because something bad happened. If someone broke the law and caused the death  they should be criminally prosecuted. Instead every Minnesotan was prosecuted. Every man woman and child had to pay $.57 because something bad happened. This is 1 lawsuit by 1 attorney.

I must be old fashioned. I take pride in being part of something that produces “stuff” for our society, that makes life a little better, that adds to our human experience. I value what I have because I value the work I performed to obtain it.

Today there is free lunch become an attorney or hire one to sue someone. You won’t find me in line. I will make my own lunch and pack an extra sandwich for the attorney who will take one from me.  He will take it for himself and his client who are winning the lottery.

Be a change agent and stop buying into this mammoth money machine we have created for Attorneys.  Us you voice and tell others.   It just takes one to start change be the one strong enough to start the change for better.

Kim Kalan

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Kim Kalan, Co-Founder and CEO of “One Cookie”,” is a renaissance woman when it comes to her career. She has bought and sold numerous companies. She has participated in Mensa think tank groups. She has brokered countless international transactions to the tune of millions of dollars over the years. Through all these experiences, there has been one thing that has motivated her all along the way: creating jobs. Her current venture very likely could be the pinnacle of this lifelong agenda.