Up to date with day 20 and we talk tools and online courses

Up to date with day 20 and we talk tools and online courses


As some of you know or may not know I am Krissy Carpenter and I live in Churchville, USA and I research and write a Satire about small town living.  I  also create online courses geared towards women having fun, being happy, or my favorite quote which has become my tag line of sorts “well behaved women rarely make history”.

So Day 20 of this blog challange is my favorite day so far as I finally get to share the tool I found and is extra amazing!!  Ruzuku https://ruzuku.com/home a tool that you can build the most amzing on line courses with!  I want to thank Andrea Scher for her fabulous ecourse I took that she used Ruzuku and shared the excellence.

The course I took was Start A Foolish Project and it well worth the $99 check it and this will also give you a chance to check out Ruzuku! http://www.superherolife.com/e-courses/start-a-foolish-project/  Thank you Andrea for well Ruzuku!

The question for the day is state your top three tools that you will use (or already use) to save time, money and make your online world more seamless.

1. Ruzuku  www.ruzuku.com

2. WordPress Duh!!

3. Infusionsoft http://www.infusionsoft.com

With no further ado my online course just in case you want to sign up for the ride!

Happiness is a mindset it’s a way of seeing and experiencing from a happy point of view. It’s not about skill, education, or money it’s about chasing your dreams, capturing delight, and shifting our perspective to a different angle.

Transform the way you THINK

• Journey to a Happy You, you will begin to transform the way you think and discover that happy and smiles are everywhere.
• You’ll uncover will uncover how to be a kid again play, dance, run, and dream as you wake up and begin to feel a happy you.
• Anyone can take this course it’s fun, easy and will ignite happy.


Here’s what you’ll find in the course:

• Motivation to begin to be happy!
• Spurring of Smiles!
• Gentle encouragement to get you started in the direction of Happy!
• A community of people wanting to come along for the ride, your cheerleaders.
• A way to see happiness is everywhere!

Here is the link to register!  Thank you


And a cool marketing piece I created looks like a magazine cover.

Online Course




Kim Kalan

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Kim Kalan, Co-Founder and CEO of “One Cookie”,” is a renaissance woman when it comes to her career. She has bought and sold numerous companies. She has participated in Mensa think tank groups. She has brokered countless international transactions to the tune of millions of dollars over the years. Through all these experiences, there has been one thing that has motivated her all along the way: creating jobs. Her current venture very likely could be the pinnacle of this lifelong agenda.