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Dinner Topic of the Day

Dinner topic of the day for kids: What do you think happy means?  Are you happy? Dinner topic of the day for Adults: Are you happy?  Do you think you could be happier?  What makes you happy? Dinner Topic of the day for Teens: Are most of your friends happy? Why are some not happy? […]

Winning The Lottery!

This has become the new hopes of everyone. What would I do if I won $100,000,000. I wonder how much I would enjoy that money. What is the value of a dollar not earned?  Would I enjoy the all the luxuries as much as when I work hard to afford them? Society has changed, it […]

Scrap Booking Weekends

The invite came all the other Mom’s are going they drink wine, they laugh and bitch about husbands all while building  beautiful pieces of scraping book art.   I cannot scrap book not even a little.  Last time i tried I cut my hair and glue ended well lets just say I don’t talk about […]