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The World Our Children Will Live In?

A 76 year old Grandma and also a dear friend sent me this and I think it’s worth sharing. It has caused me to think about what the world will look like when are children are no longer children? When I was a child we did not have TV until I was in about the […]

Laundry Pile Club and making history…

  “Well behaved women rarely make history” It’s pretty hard to make history when half your waking hours is folding laundry.  It’s a fact of life unless i guess if you are so lucky to be able to hire someone to do this for you.  I am going to go out on a limb and […]

Winning The Lottery!

This has become the new hopes of everyone. What would I do if I won $100,000,000. I wonder how much I would enjoy that money. What is the value of a dollar not earned?  Would I enjoy the all the luxuries as much as when I work hard to afford them? Society has changed, it […]


      I am waiting for change any change.  I am a change agent but the change does not come. How do I lead by example when I myself cannot create change fast enough?   With no change comes helplessness.  The sense of failure and defeat are numbing.   I begin to wonder the direction I […]