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Eat Create Design Announces the Launch Business


“Making a Difference One Day at a Time”


May 2013 – its mission is simple…deliver to your inbox a daily dose of happy or inspiration to live life to its fullest.  We use the tag line “begin your journey to happiness thru eating, creating and design a new you.”  In today’s world we are over worked over scheduled and stressed to the point of breaking.   ECD is writing and delivering online courses to bring the happy back into your life reminding you how to laugh and smile at the little things in life.

It’s the first course to be released is titled “The Little Things in Life…Restart Your Happy” it’s a 7 day course to remind us how much joy and laughter the little things in life can bring us, like cheese on a pizza or running for play.   The course will sell for $10 as creator and founder Kim Kalan believes the courses should be accessible to everyone.

Also available at launch will be Business in a Box, creating financial and lifestyle freedom.  The course will be targeted to women specifically with children so they can be “home when there kids get off the bus” say Meg McGraw.   Meg created the course from years of experience in helping individuals and companies thrive online.

Eat Create Design is planning a launch in China mid July and plans to become a leader in online resources for the women in that country.   “It is our goal to give the women in China a place to come for a worldwide online community capturing and nurturing the growing independence of women in 2nd and 3rd world countries like China” says founder Kim Kalan.