Extreme Coupon Just Click

Had to share this asap. I just recently started to pay attention to coupons and the amount of money you can save. Last time I went grocery shopping I saved $40. I would have spend $120 but I quickly cut out some coupon’s maybe spent 10 minutes tops and BANG $40 in savings total spend of $80.

Check it out click and print quickly before you run to the store. http://ow.ly/p8TmM

Let me know how much you save it’s amazing. What about put the saving in a jar or a saving account and do something fabulously fun with the money. Like a day at the spa or a trip to Italy?

summer 2013 IPHONE 236

Some fun coupon facts just in case you are totally board and printed all the coupons and now have nothing to do. Ok that sounds like me….

62.2% of US moms post about brands on social media sites


Kim Kalan

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Kim Kalan, Co-Founder and CEO of “One Cookie”,” is a renaissance woman when it comes to her career. She has bought and sold numerous companies. She has participated in Mensa think tank groups. She has brokered countless international transactions to the tune of millions of dollars over the years. Through all these experiences, there has been one thing that has motivated her all along the way: creating jobs. Her current venture very likely could be the pinnacle of this lifelong agenda.