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All I Want For Christmas!


Christmas what a wonderful time of year!  The hustle and bustle party eating shopping time of year.   Christmas Cookies paired with wine and wine paired with shopping.   Each year goes out in grand style Thanks Giving the start and New Years the finish line! Life is too short not to figure out how […]

Pie and Being Thankful


I am THANKFUL for my husband for being so old school traditional, my kids for being my kids, sun shine in the warm summer, flowers that bloom, my Mom in heaven for watching over me, my Dad on earth for all he does for the world, my sisters for being the best sisters in the […]

Say It Loud and Proud CHRISTMAS!


I say Christmas not out of disrespect to others but out of respect to my history.   I have a hard time understand why our society feels we need to say Holidays and not Christmas?   Does it not reverse the problem at hand?   We are so busy worrying about others that we are […]

Upside Down Turkey

This year is my debut year for hosting Thanksgiving and I have been pouring over all my cooking foodie magazines to figure out how to go about creating the feast.   Traditions need to be kept that will stir memories and keep the spirits alive at dinner.  My Grandma Frieda’s buns and Grandma Carol’s wild […]

Traditions And Back Bones

Being in an office setting reminds me of how creating conversation glues a team together.   Today officially we are changing our dinner topics to simply Conversation Topics until we think up a snappy title.   Conversation Topics is a bit boring but it’s what we got until something better rolls in. So here we […]

My Favorite Book Really Is?


Books are a way to wonder off into another world. When I read a really good book I find myself almost becoming apart of the lives within the book. Yes I will admit I really do wish and did wish I was a vampire after reading the Twilight Saga. What about 50 shades of gray….WOW… […]

Introducing Alexandra Franze And Opportunity


What an inspiration she is. Always infusing positive energy into the world. Enjoy the introduction. You can find her at   Every word you write is an opportunity to add to the love in the world — or subtract from it. And whether you’re writing an email, a blog post, a book or a […]

Football Sunday And Tiny Foods


Tiny foods how fun for everyone. That rhymes so I am a poet and did not even know it. Yes that was childish but I like being a kids. It’s Sunday which means football to most even if you do not like or watch football it creeps into you life one way or another. I […]

A Very Wise Man Speaks

A very wise man sent this to me and I would like to share and ask why is this so hard. I will tell you why greed, power, and corruption. I agree with most Christian values and our country was based on them. We have a moral responsibility to help others, not a legal obligation […]

Isn’t she amazing! Radical Self Love

I have to share her! To keep her to myself would be just plain wrong! Enjoy and let me know what you think!!!! Here site is a must visit Gala Darling Gala Darling’s unrelenting devotion to positivity & magic has earned her cult celebrity status & rabid fans all over the globe, from India […]

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