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Gift Cards Or Gifts? What To Do!


 I DO NOT LIKE GIFT CARDS!  There I said it.   Why don’t I like gift cards?  Let me count the ways….1. people lose them 2. retailers push gifts card because they know we lose or forget about them and they get to keep our money 3. It’s the lazy person’s gift 4. You cannot […]

Talk Topic…Santa Is Coming To Town


What if you do not have a fire place?   What is it’s a gas fire place?   Simple! Santa is magic.  A joy for all big and small. My Auntie is a Sinsinawa Dominican nun and lives in the mother house in Wisconsin.   In case you are unaware the legacy of Catholic Nun’s are […]

Talk Topic…Let It Snow! Sandy Beach?


  Cold or hot, hot or cold.  Have you ever wondered why some people prefer the cold and some prefer the hot?   I like it hot summer time no air conditioning (within reason) hot.  My Husband and Dad prefer it cold summer and winter.  Air conditioning blasted to 68 brrrr. Conversation topic of the […]

Little Drummer Boy

Dinner/Water Cooler Talk it’s the Holidays take time to talk to someone lonely or outcast. My favorite Christmas song is little drummer boy.  Sometimes it makes me sad it’s slow rum pum pum  and the story it tells feels sad. Most of the time it brings me into the past and the fun we had […]

What Is Your Favorite Christmas Cookie?

My favorite Christmas Cookie are the Candy Cane Cookies.   Of course they are one of the harder ones to make and the break but I still love them.  The the 2nd place winner goes to SPRITZ. Conversation topic of the week for kids:  What is your favorite Christmas Cookie?   How many Christmas cookies do […]

Say It Loud and Proud CHRISTMAS!


I say Christmas not out of disrespect to others but out of respect to my history.   I have a hard time understand why our society feels we need to say Holidays and not Christmas?   Does it not reverse the problem at hand?   We are so busy worrying about others that we are […]

Traditions And Back Bones

Being in an office setting reminds me of how creating conversation glues a team together.   Today officially we are changing our dinner topics to simply Conversation Topics until we think up a snappy title.   Conversation Topics is a bit boring but it’s what we got until something better rolls in. So here we […]

What Are You Going To Be For Halloween?


What a great over the top fun time of year. The craved pumpkins, the cob webs and spooky witches. I am always the same thing each year. I love Bat Girl and the idea of turning into a super hero for the day. Fighting crime and saving kittens traps in trees. This carries over for […]

The Perfect Pie! or Cake?

Run Really Fast

I will not lie I do not care for the perfect pie. I am cake girl all around. If I am being honest today I do not care for chocolate either but my favorite desert hands down is chocolate cake. Not just any chocolate cake but the moist almost pudding like chocolate cake. Lots and […]

Winter Spring Summer Fall..What’s It Gonna Be


Living in Minnesota I love the change of seasons? Mind, body and soul come to expect the slow change from one season to the next. When this change is accelerated or delayed a feeling of unrest settles in around us. I love each season for different reasons. Summer being my absolute hands down favorite the […]

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