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Radical Self Love With Glenda Darling

Tuscan-Style Chicken Legs and Wings

Wow and just wow I have to share this Radical Self Love Women. Meet Glenda Darling at I love the idea of Radical Self Love it’s just so radical. Here is some information about her and her site. It’s totally worth a visit. Plus lets just say Radical Self Love it not for you […]

Extreme Coupon Just Click


Had to share this asap. I just recently started to pay attention to coupons and the amount of money you can save. Last time I went grocery shopping I saved $40. I would have spend $120 but I quickly cut out some coupon’s maybe spent 10 minutes tops and BANG $40 in savings total spend […]

Snap Crackle Pop!


Fruity Pebbles were and still are double yummy. I love them now and I loved them as a kids. As an adult I don’t eat them very often but when I do buy them and I eat them morning, noon and night. Like desert after dinner. I wonder if all that food coloring really is […]

“Tips for Happiness in Your New Home” cards FREE


Want a “Tips for Happiness in Your New Home” card to accompany a gift? Or for yourself? I will sign and mail to anyone who wants it. However, due to mailing costs, I can send these to U.S. and Canada only, alas. What a great idea send someone a tip card. Best part of […]

The Daddy Mack Of FREE site

The wild west

Check out this site its a stream of free stuff and or coupons. It’s an extreme couponers dream. (and yes I know couponers is not a word). The site design is boring and boarder line Yikes but hey FREE is FREE. And a bonus to this post as it’s so short a muse […]

The Instant Pep Talk App “FREE”

Found this great app that is FREE yes FREE … check it out its from Karen Salmansohn is an ex-Senior VP award winning ad writer/creative director.   Check out her site it’s a WOW site for getting happy. How are you feeling today? Stressed? Depressed? Working on a dream, and need a quickie faith-booster? Dealing […]

Great Life Letter By Sark

Hello Beauti-full Human!! I’m so HAPPY to see you here at Planet SARK! If you are here, you must be interested in living a life full of JOY, CREATIVITY, SELF-LOVE, and MIRACLES. That’s how I live my life – as a full cup of self-love sharing the overflow with the world. And when I feel like […]

Free Stuff For You

  I love all the tools and just cool free stuff available online.  So I am going to start to share all the cool stuff I find.   I love Andrea at Super Hero Life and her overwhelming excitement for life.   She is the queen of online courses I have taken several myself and […]