Can You and Me Make History?

What changes can average people, you and me make?  How can we make History?   This is a question that has been plaguing my daily life.   Maybe it’s because I am now 45 and feel as if I have finished the 1st half of my life in grand style, now what?  I was lucky in the first half.  Do not get me wrong I had just as many bad times as good but I lived to the fullest sometimes to full.   BUT MAN IT WAS FUN!

I gave it my all many years not only partying like a rock star but being the best darn Mom I could be (hence no more rock star partying, OK maybe just a little tiny bit).  Just  for the record being a Mom is in the hardest thing I have done to date.  But I have yet to make history?   So I ask what what can I do we do?

Or a better question is who determines weather we are making history or not?  Do we have something like  history making judges or police?   Or a panel similar to those talent reality TV shows?

Or maybe just maybe I am looking at this making history thing all wrong and it’s making a difference one day at a day?   It’s having thick skin and being brave or taking changes.  Even it’s it’s as little as reading a new type of book, helping someone with kindness or smiling more?

Making a difference (history) is all around us if we just look the question is you have to see it. 

Today I will make a difference by calling someone to tell them just simply how fabulous they are!

PS Be Fabulous and Foolishly Happy

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  1. Change Agent says:

    It’s Monday time to make history

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