Can You and Me Make History?

What changes can average people, you and me make?  How can we make History?   This is a question that has been plaguing my daily life.   Maybe it’s because I am now 45 and feel as if I have finished the 1st half of my life in grand style, now what?  I was lucky in the first half.  Do not get me wrong I had just as many bad times as good but I lived to the fullest sometimes to full.   BUT MAN IT WAS FUN!

I gave it my all many years not only partying like a rock star but being the best darn Mom I could be (hence no more rock star partying, OK maybe just a little tiny bit).  Just  for the record being a Mom is in the hardest thing I have done to date.  But I have yet to make history?   So I ask what what can I do we do?

Or a better question is who determines weather we are making history or not?  Do we have something like  history making judges or police?   Or a panel similar to those talent reality TV shows?

Or maybe just maybe I am looking at this making history thing all wrong and it’s making a difference one day at a day?   It’s having thick skin and being brave or taking changes.  Even it’s it’s as little as reading a new type of book, helping someone with kindness or smiling more?

Making a difference (history) is all around us if we just look the question is you have to see it. 

Today I will make a difference by calling someone to tell them just simply how fabulous they are!

PS Be Fabulous and Foolishly Happy

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Kim Kalan

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Kim Kalan, Co-Founder and CEO of “One Cookie”,” is a renaissance woman when it comes to her career. She has bought and sold numerous companies. She has participated in Mensa think tank groups. She has brokered countless international transactions to the tune of millions of dollars over the years. Through all these experiences, there has been one thing that has motivated her all along the way: creating jobs. Her current venture very likely could be the pinnacle of this lifelong agenda.