About Us

Hi I am Kim Kalan and this is my site I also am the creator and writer of churchcooks.com a fiction story about the women of a town called Churchville, USA. The story is centered around the women of St Marta’s Parish and the annual cook off fundraiser.  It’s a satire about the competiveness and the ease in which women can spin a yarn.  Definition of spinning a yarn: To tell a story especially one with distorted truths and exaggerations.


More of my story and who I finally ended up in Churchville, USA


I am not really sure where to begin except with everything happens in circles?   It’s really hard trying to figure out what you want to do when you grow up.  I am crazy enough to begin a journey that lead me from selling seasonal food gifts to Wal-Mart, to founding Pet Bling Pets, to Eat Create Design as branding and product development consultants, to One Cookie One Cause selling the best chocolate chip cookies ever made, which changed to One Cookie, right back to Eat Create Design and the creator of Churchville, USA found at www.churchcooks.com.  Well, here I am and I finally figured out “what we want to do when we grow up” I want to be a writer, well I guess I am a write as I am writing.


Along this journey one thing has remained constant and that is the strong desire to make a difference in the world or the lives of women and children.  In the journey we developed items to enhance the lives of children and their pets to trying to build a business model that could hire women cycling out of poverty.   We researched and spent hours upon hours meeting with agencies to learn about homelessness and poverty to figure out where to even start to help.  Thru our experiences we learned that where we can make the largest impact is giving people tools to simply live a better life, smile more, give back more with simple acts of kindness.


Eat Create Design is an online community that will share the stories of women learning to rediscover themselves in Churchville, USA learning to smile and laugh at the simple things in life.   It’s a place where you will begin your journey to happiness thru eating, designing, and creating a new you!  It’s place to rediscover the simple things in life.  It will be a place to be an everyday super hero, costume included, and most importantly a place to remember “Well behaved women rarely make history!   Especially in Churchville, USA. Have fun life is short!!




Things you don’t know about the founder